Pivotal CRM - Instrumentation Module

Out of the box, Pivotal CRM provides basic instrumentation tools for administrators and developers.

Almost every Pivotal CRM project requires some kind of instrumentation, especially when in production, to control what’s going on with the system. This ability is often a requirement asked by IT Administrators. Developers also need some way to instrument the code written and often need to develop instrumentation code for every project.

Pivotal CRM Instrumentation Module is created to provide the system instrumentation that both IT Administrators and Developers need. All this instrumentation can be configured and turned off or on in real time with minimal impact on the system. Developers rely on a platform that will provide logs, performance counters and real time tracing.

Main Features


Pivotal CRM 6.0.9 or higher (PCM 6.0.8 HF1)



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Quick Demo

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