Pivotal CRM

We offer all types of services related to the implementation and maintenance of applications based on the Pivotal CRM platform, either on premise or in the private cloud.

Official Avolin partner in Spain.

We have created some add-on modules to speed up and assist in the implementation process of the Pivotal CRM platform.

Types of Services

Performed by high-level certified professionals, using best practices, focused on the quality of the deliverable and the value to your business.


Discovery, Analysis, Design, Build, Versioning, Deployment, Validation, Training. We can be in charge or participate from start to finish.


We modify the application to your needs. Pivotal 5.9, Pivotal 6.X, Active Client, Smart Client, UX Client.


Publication or consumption of REST / SOAP Services. Unidirectional or bidirectional integration processes. Integrations with Legacy systems.


Advice, guidance, best practices. System health and performance review.


Extraction, transformation and loading processes. We help you move your data.

Admin / Setup

We install, setup and admin your Pivotal CRM system.


Products that we have developed mainly to accelerate implementations and improve maintenance operability.

DBConnection - Integration Module

Integrate your system with any third-party database and web service.

Instrumentation Module

Gather insight statistics, tracing and log information produced by any part of your application.


Monitor your Pivotal CRM system and receive alerts and perform automatic actions based on system behaviors you define.

Active Directory Synchronization

keep Pivotal CRM security in sync with your AD.

Data Visualization Module

Provide advanced data visualization to better understand your data.

Templates for Visual Studio

Accelerate the development of Server and Client tasks with Visual Studio wizards that connect to the Toolkit and create rich metadata and boilerplate code for you.

We adapt to your needs

We offer you a support and maintenance service, flexible and with no constraints. You will have access to our professionals on demand. It can be useful to complement your internal team or if you prefer to delegate all maintenance. You pay only for usage.

You can also opt for the project modality in case you have specific needs and deadlines. 

The Pivotal CRM platform is probably a very good option to consider, especially if you have special needs and want to have control of your application, either on-premise or in the private cloud.

We could benefit from collaborating together. Leading companies in the industry use our services for their clients. We could be part of your team.